Our features protect your messages and privacy

Self-destructing Messages

Set when a message will self-destruct or revoke a message immediately. You decided what happens.

Secure Audio Messages

Attach secure audio clips to messages

Stealth mode

Turn your SKY ECC application into a fully functioning calculator, so only you know it exists.

Group Broadcast Messages

Send short updates to contact groups with a few taps, so only you know who you have sent the message to.

Trusted, Private Contacts

Only you know your SKY ECC ID as it is randomly generated and can’t be discovered through the app—you have to share it yourself with those you trust. Before someone can chat with you, you have to approve their contact request. If someone breaks that trust, you can delete and block them.
You can trust your SKY ECC contacts because you’re in control of who is on your contact list—and who knows your private SKY ECC ID—not us.

Flash Messaging

Send messages that disappear 30 seconds after reading

Secure Vault

Store images, chats, and notes in a protected file Vault that only you have access too

Share Images & Notes

Send notes, images, and contacts with control over downloading

Full-featured Group Chat

Keep everyone in sync, even large groups

We protect the device to protect the app

Tamper-resistant hardware and OS-level protections are built into our secure messaging app. We then apply device management policies to lock down features that could compromise your security or privacy. SKY ECC is installed in a protected container on this already secure device, offering you layers of protection.

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