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Your privacy matters

Your Privacy & Security are Paramount

For truly private messaging, encrypting messages isn’t enough. You have to go to the next level by protecting the device, the application, and the connection before users even enter their password. Only SKY ECC truly goes to that next level.
Social media giants can’t be trusted either, they make money from your data and do not respect your privacy. Our business is built on you being private.
SKY ECC is more secure out of the box than anything else you can buy because of the exceptional security functions we built into it from the ground up.

A global network of servers ensures SKY ECC works wherever you are.

SKY ECC’s secure, distributed global network lets you can chat in privacy wherever you are. Sky uses SIMs from global carriers so you have data access around the world to work and communicate anywhere.
Our SIMs connect through a private tunnel to our servers to prevent eavesdropping at every level. Wi-Fi connections are secured immediately with no gaps. SKY ECC prevents you from logging into the app if the connection is insecure. From the first packet to the message itself—your connection and data are secure and encrypted.


Protection beyond encrypting messages.

You expect a secure messaging app to have always-on encryption, one on one and group conversations, and secure file storage. You expect we can’t read your messages or store anything on our servers. These are the basics.
SKY ECC goes beyond the basics with self-destructing messages, 30 second flash messages, secure audio messages, an emergency password, encrypted metadata, and privacy controls built in. Your messages are 100% private, even we can’t read your messages under any circumstances. Our goal is to offer you total security and privacy in an easy to use interface you’ll understand instantly in a zero-learning curve package.



We are authorized SKY ECC re-sellers, based  on the South coast of the UK, covering the whole of the South of England and beyond, providing everything from a license renewal to a complete package. We supply both Android and Apple products based on your requirements.



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